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Hecho con amor in Vancouver, B.C.



Handcrafted bread, pastries & desserts inspired by the beautiful streets of México and proudly made con mucho amor in Vancouver, B.C.

Pan with a side  

of culture

Pan, whether sweet or savoury, is deeply engrained in Mexican culture. Abuelas use pan to calm kids down when they get scared. Pan dulce makes for a great desayuno and/or merienda. It is even said that "con pan las penas son menos". Oh, and let's not forget the very popular (and quite often, uncomfortable for ladies) "a que hora sales por el pan?" pick up line used in Mexico by many young and young-at-heart gentlemen. Pan is not just a treat in tierra Azteca, it is a way of life. A way of life Metate Bake Shop was to introduce you to. All of our products aim to showcase Mexican culture and tradiciones. Join us on this mesmerizing journey to a Mexican panadería

What is   

a metate?

The metate is one of the most emblematic kitchen tools alongside the molcajete (Mexican mortar and pestle) in Mexican cuisine. A metate is a flat volcanic stone used to grind grains and seeds. This is the tool of choice when making traditional dishes such as mole, chocolate and tortillas. Even though the Spanish did take mills over to Mexico during the conquest, the metate is a tool that is very much still alive in Mexican kitchens around the country and the world. Abuelas still teach their grandkids how to use a metate. It is a tool that now symbolizes tradition and overflows with history. At Metate Bake Shop, our vision is to reflect tradition while sharing the history of a breathtaking country.      


our inspiration

The Spanish introduced wheat to Mexico during the conquest. Soon after, French and Italian bakers and nuns packed up their bags and took their baking skills to the "New Spain". This is how pan came to be in Mexico. From that moment on, many Mexican families have used their amazing baking skills, that have been often passed down to them from previous generations, to make a living. These extremely talented and creative panaderos, or bakers, are the ones who bring smiles to the streets of Mexico with their colourful garibaldis and their delightful donas. Behind every bike roaming the street of Mexico with a giant basket full of pan dulce, there is a panadero helping keep the streets of Mexico lively with his/her irresistible creations. At Metate, we strive to bring to Vancouver some of that joy panaderos spread around the bustling streets of Mexico.